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Hi everyone! My name’s Nikki, I’m one of the women behind FP.  I’m beyond excited to introduce a project I’ve been working on for some time now (DRUM ROLL PLEASE): SWANA SOUNDS. 

I’m a first generation Iranian-American with a strong passion for music and an even stronger aspiration to work in the music industry. I’m not a singer, instrumentalist, or DJ (yet). My passion for music stems from what music has done for me, and what music means to me. 

SWANA women are seriously underrepresented. And I quickly realized that the only way I could be part of the music-world, is by creating my own space within it.

The first lesson I learned when I started pursuing a career in the music industry is: the professional world of music is a boys club.


With 25 tracks a month, I want to start shedding light on SWANA women disrupting socio-cultural norms in their homes and communities - through music. These women inspire me. I want to shed light on what it means- and what it takes - to be a female artist with SWANA roots.


These are women living in exile and working underground to share their music. Using their voices to build other women up. Each and every one of these women is a catalyst for change.

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September Swana sounds


Along with each playlist, I'll be doing an artist highlight every month as well - diving into each creative's story and my reasons for being so drawn to them. 


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